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The Consumer-Directed Personal Care        
Assistance Program (CDPCA)

AssistedCare Services, LLC provides Personal Care Services to qualified recipients under the State of
Medicaid CDPCA program.  

Under this program, qualifying
Medicaid recipients (Consumers) choose a provider agency to assist them
with hiring, training and scheduling their personal care assistants (PCAs) as titled under the program.  

AssistedCare Services, LLC performs fiscal intermediary functions for the Consumer, including processing
time sheets, billing Medicaid, and PCA payroll.  AssistedCare Services, LLC also acts as a dual employer
(employer of record) of the PCAs.

AssistedCare Services, LLC provides training for the Consumer and resources for PCA training and also
assists the Consumer in maintaining program compliance.

The main objective of the CDPCA program is to empower the consumer through independence and
control over their own care.

CDPCA Eligibility Requirements:

You must require limited assistance with at least one activities of daily living (ADL)such as dressing ,
eating and bathing etc or physical assistance with at least one instrumental activity of daily living
(IADL) such as cooking , cleaning and shopping etc.

Must be eligible for Alaska Medicaid   <---click to learn about the program.

You or your representative must be able to manage your care which includes hiring, training and
supervising your Personal Care Assistants (PCA).

**With the CDPCA program, YOU the consumer are the boss.

No minimum or maximum age requirements.

Steps in Obtaining Personal Care Services:

1. Contact AssistedCare Services and request a free home care assessment.

2. A representative from our agency will complete the required demographic intake forms with you and submit them to The Division of Senior and Disabilities Services (DSDS).

3. DSDS will provide your information to a Division designee assessor who will then schedule and
complete a PCAT (Personal Care Assessment Tool) assessment in your home.

4. If you are determined to have a need for PCA services through the assessment, the DSDS staff and
Division designee assessor will develop a PCA Service Plan for you and provide a copy to a
representative of AssistedCare Services who will in-turn provide you with a copy.

5. A representative from AssistedCare Services will then advise you on how to begin to get a PCA hired
and/or scheduled and services in place.
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