Our Mission

The mission of AssistedCare Services, LLC is to provide compassionate, reliable and affordable non-medical
in-home supportive services to the frail elderly, chronically ill and disabled individuals in the community. We do
this by providing services that support independent living and promote dignity and a positive quality of life.

                         Our Philosophy

We respect each person as an individual with a unique set of life experiences and their right to make decisions.  
We provide care in a way that is sensitive to the whole person, their environment, their culture and their

To accomplish our mission, AssistedCare Services, LLC will employ, train and supervise its entire work force
with YOU, the consumer in mind. The vulnerability of the frail elderly, chronically ill or disabled individuals
requires the presence of an honest, sensitive caregiver who is trained to understand and meet the needs of our
consumers within their defined role.

                           Our Values

Values are the ideals we care most about and consider important. They are commitments we make to our
consumers, as well as to our families, our stakeholders, and ourselves. The following core values are the intrinsic
character traits that will guide all members of AssistedCare Services, LLC when making decisions, providing
services and in our daily professional conduct. These values are the foundation upon which our relations with our
employees and consumers are based. They drive the way we think, act, and work every day. We will be known
and judged as individuals and as an organization on how well we implement these core values.

Loyalty   We demonstrate loyalty to our customers and to our organization by striving to meet the highest
standards of quality and performance.

Duty  When we make commitments to our employees, our customers, and ourselves, we keep them. We fully
understand our mission and the vital role it plays in supporting the needs of our consumers.

Respect  We treat consumers as they should be treated. Without the consumer, AssistedCare Services would
not exist. We value their opinions and ideas. We believe diversity in employment and in our consumer base is a
force multiplier. We trust, respect, and help one another.

Selfless Service We are committed to ensuring that all demands put in front of us are met efficiently and
effectively. Our goal is to exceed our consumer's expectations. We actively solicit feedback from our consumers
to improve our service to them and reinforce their trust in us.

Honor We will live up to all AssistedCare Services values. Our values promote personal dignity, integrity,
independence and pride. We employ them every day with every action we take and every service we provide.
Honesty and fairness are fundamental to our dealings with our employees and our consumers.

Integrity AssistedCare Services believes in doing what's right legally and morally. We value personal and
organizational integrity. Our consumers demand nothing less than the highest possible level of personal integrity.
We are fully accountable for all consumers entrusted to our care.

Personal Courage AssistedCare Services believes in facing day-to-day challenges with confidence and
resolution. We maintain "one focus, consumer focus." We endeavor every day to make sure our consumers get
the right service, at the right time, for the right reason every time around the clock.
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