Consumer Evaluation of Consumer Directed Personal Care Assistance Program

We want to learn from your experiences, this survey will be utilized to evaluate how AssistedCare Services is working in order to gain insight into systems change strategies that work and those that miss the mark.
Consumers served by AssistedCare Services are asked to complete the surveys periodically as part of the CDPCA Program requirement. This Information is strictly confidential; no names will be attached to the survey. This survey takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. Your contribution is valued and greatly appreciated.

Your Email Address:

Information About You:

1.  What is your age group?

2.  What is your gender?

3.  What is your race or ethnic background?

4.  What city do you live in?

5.  What is your zip code?

6.  Are you from rural Alaska?

7.  What is your disability type?

8.  What is your specific disability?

Information about your Personal Care Assistant Use

9.  Approximately how long have you used PCA Services?

10.  How many PCA hours do you use in the average week?

11.  How many paid PCAs work for you on a regular basis, not counting PCAs who work only in emergency or backup situations?

12.  Who do you receive PCA services from other than your paid assistant?

13. How often do you have trouble finding PCA to work for you?

14.  Which of these statements is most true for you regarding Personal Assistant turnover within the past year?  Personal Assistant turnover has been...

15.  How many of your regular Personal Assistants have stopped working for you within the past year?

16.  What are the MAIN reasons these PCAs have stopped working for you?

17.  How often do you use PCAs for backup or emergency situations?

18.  Which of the following times are the most difficult for you to find PCAs to work for you?

19.  Where do you recruit most of your PCAs from?

20.  How many PCAs have you recruited that were first time PCAs?

21.  Do your PCAs complete the tasks that you need.

22.  Would you say that the quality of your care your PCA provide is:

Your Experience With AssistedCare Services and CDPCA Program

23.  You can choose the amount and types of services you use:

24.  You direct the decisions that affect your life:

25.  You are able to choose who works for you:

26.  You are able to train and direct the PCAs about the work they do:

27.  The training that either you or AssistedCare Services provided to the PCA was adequate:

28. You are able to decide what time of the day PCAs should come:

29.  You are able to make the final decision about letting a PCA go if the relationship is not working out:

30.   How important is it to be able to control PCA recruiting:

31..  How important is it to be able to control PCA hiring:

32.  How important is it to be able to control PCA  training:

33.  How important is it to be able to control PCA scheduling:

34.  How important is it to be able to control Personal Assistant firing:

35.  What type of support do you receive from other CDPCA consumers?

36.  Please rate to what degree the CDPCA Program and AssistedCare Services has met your expectations

37. Would you say that the quality of AssistedCare Services grievance process is:

38.  Would you recommend AssistedCare Services PCAs to others?



Thank You!  We appreciate your time and effort in completing this.


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